The Return of Bill Simmons

I have been struggling to keep the blog updated but every Sunday from here on out I am going to write a long form piece on something interesting that I consumed.

So last week Bill Simmons returned to the airwaves by way of The Bill Simmons podcast which is available at the podcenter. I have long been a fan of Simmons do in part to the fact that he is a local New England guy. His coverage of the NBA and work to introduce the ESPN 30 for 30 series has been Simmons best work. He recently left ESPN, a move that didn’t happen quietly. One reason he always got in trouble at ESPN was the fact that he spoke his mind and didn’t conform to the ESPN way. He was suspended by ESPN for calling out Roger Goodell and the terrible job he was doing with league wide discipline.He wasn’t out of line in the least but because the NFL is one of ESPN’s biggest contracts they were forced to suspend him. So his decision to leave ESPN was dsicussed at length as people wondered if he would have any word for ESPN.

Simmons eventually signed a deal with HBO that will include his own TV sports show. As part of the deal he will also do a few podcasts on a weekly basis. His podcasts last week were the top 4 on itunes. The podcasts include NFL pick em with Cousin Sal. They discuss the different NFL games and how to handicap them. He also has discussions on the upcoming NBA and MLB playoffs. He did take a dig at ESPN calling out Mike and Mike’s interview with commissioner Goodell. Calling Mike and Mike’s interview style as soft with softball questions after softball questions. I look forward to hearing more of Simmons as the weeks go on.

The Return of Bill Simmons

What I Consumed Week #3

  • I did my weekly sports consumption
    • Weekly sports shows such as PTI and Around the Horn and NFL live
    • I watched the NFL and NCAA football
    • Also watched the Yankees as the playoff race heats up
  • The late show with Colbert has continued to impress
  • Reddit and Barstool Sports were also visited with frequency
  • I worked at Pizzeria Posto
  • Started watching Malcolm in the Middle an old favorite of mine
  • Ate one of the best sandwhich’s in a while at Shelly Deli
  • Watched one of the all time favorite movies Ocean Eleven
What I Consumed Week #3


Another busy week watching Sports

  • Again I worked on Monday at Pizzeria Posto
  • I got set for a week full of sports by watching all my daily sports shows PTI, NFL live, College Football live. A shit load of Sportcenters.
  • I also watched a Colin Cowherd’s new show The Herd on Fox Sports 1 which I was impressed by
  • Also watched Colbert’s late show which I also enjoyed
  • Thursday was the much anticipated first game for my New England Patriots
  • Consumed my daily dose of college football and the NFL

Sportscenter with SVP

Scott Van Pelt an ESPN talking head was recently moved from ESPN radio to his own flagship Sportscenter that airs at Midnight. Many speculated if the move was his choice but either way his version of Sportscenter is intriguing. He had been building it up for one to believe it would be different than the normal programing. It certainly looked different with the SVP logo tagged all over the set. The show got off to a rocky start when a live interview with Braxton Miller the star of the college football game that preceded him didn’t work. They struggled to get out of the live shot as Miller stood there for about 10 seconds with no response. I felt that although he had done tons of Sportscenters before the pressure of the new show got to him. Early on you could see his hands shaking and his voice was not steady. Then when it came time to read the highlights he again struggled. He was late on many of his cues and didn’t have the normal Van Pelt flow that we were used to. He did have a few segments that were different and that I like. My favorite was the bad beat segment where he went over the worst betting losses of the weekend. Overall it was definitely what you expected in his first show back to Sportscenter with room to improve.

Sportscenter with SVP

What I Consumed This Week Post #1

So I am a day or two late with this but I will go over everything I did this past week

  • Arrived at my off campus apartment a week from Saturday
  • Went to work at Pizzeria Post for the first time and ate the best pizza I’ve eaten on this continent
  • I watched my normal sports shows such as Sportscenter, PTI, Around the Horn, and College Football live as the college football season approaches
  • With the Brady suspension being overturned I listened to the Dale and Holey Show on WEEI (whom I interned with this summer) because they have the pulse of the Boston sports landscape
  • I Watched Stand By Me on Netflix
  • I watched the VMA’s where Miley did a terrible job as a host
  • Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year… The start of College Football
  • I watched football pretty much from noon to 11 at night
  • Sunday and Monday I watched the last two rounds of the Deutsche bank the second round of the PGA tour playoffs
What I Consumed This Week Post #1